Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association (NMIA) is formed in year 2002. The Association of Mountaineering Instructors is the representative body for professionally qualified Mountaineering Instructors in Nepal. NMIA is committed to promoting good practice in all mountaineering instruction.
Our members have completed various high-level professional mountaineering courses in Nepal as well as in Europe, and have considerable experience in instructing Mountain Rescues, Trekking and Mountaineering guiding in Nepal and abroad. Additionally, our members have long experience of working as a Mountaineering Instructor in Nepal, with the NMA, NMIA and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) and other related organizations.
The list below presents the training courses attended by our members: -
Trekking Guide Training: – arranged by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) – 42 days, held in Katmandu.
Basic Mountaineering Training: – conducted by: – Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) – Duration: 45 days, Location: Katmandu, Manang, (Annapurna region) and Langtang Region.
Advanced Mountaineering Training: – conducted by: NMA – 35 days, Location:Langtang region, north of Katmandu.
ENSA Training: – Duration:42 days, National School of Skiing and Alpinism, Chamonix, France, conducted by:- French Sport Ministry, NMA and Embassy of French Republic.
Himalayan Rescue Skill Training: – Duration: – 21 days. Location: Khumbu, Everest Region
Organized by: Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (RONAST), Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation, EV-K2-CNR, Italy.
High Mountain Rescue Training: – Conducted by:- NMIA,Cooperation with Yves Pollet Villard foundation of France (YPVF)/ Gendarmerie of France/ Embassy of French Republic/ Nepal Mountaineering Association and IFFRIMMONT of France.
Yves Pollet Villard Foundation (YPVF) Instructors upgrade course: – Duration:-60 days in Chamonix, France, Conducted by: – YPVF, NMA & NMIA. Supported by UCPA of France.
Various First Aid and CPR courses: – Conducted by: NMIA, and other related organization of Nepal.

Objectives of NMIA:-

The Nepal Mountaineering Association has been the sole organization in Nepal for training professional Mountaineers. However, the responsibilities of the NMA cover a vast area, above and beyond professional training in mountaineering. Mountaineering guides and professionals play a vital role in ensuring safety in the mountains. For these reasons, it has been decided to establish the Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association, with permission from the Ministry of Culture Tourism & Civil Aviation.
In fact this represents a bonus for the other tourism related organization of Nepal, NMIA will provide a single official channel for dealing with mountaineering instructors, and this can facilitate a suitable environment for upgrading and promoting the existing Nepal National Mountain Guide Level (Aspirant Guide) to International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA) standard.

Our goals: -

  • Bring together all professional mountaineering instructors under the NMIA.
  • Upgrade their teaching capabilities to reach the professional International mountain guide level (IFMGA standard).
  • Introduce and develop mountaineering activities as an outdoor educational subject for Nepal.
  • Design special curricula for outdoor education (climbing and mountaineering), with a view to future inclusion in the national educational system (subject to permission from the sport & educational ministry).
  • Reduce the risks involved in adventure activities, including mountaineering and climbing, by providing high-quality, well-trained professional guides affiliated with government & non-government organization of Nepal and abroad.
  • Set up an effectively functioning mountaineering rescue service affiliated to relevant organizations in Nepal and abroad.
  • Explore and provide detailed descriptions of the mountaineering peaks of Nepal, including recently opened and hitherto unclimbed peaks.
  • Undertake feasibility studies on skiing and water-based sports for various parts of Nepal.
  • Construct an indoor artificial climbing wall, and introduce such climbing as a sports pastime and educational subject in Nepal.
Importance of NMIA Mountain Rescue Squad Team
NMIA Mountain Rescue Squad Team is a fully trained and emergency response organization. It’s primary role being the provision of search and rescue in High Mountain or Inhospitable terrain and analyses all High Mountain accident information in Nepal, for any person or groups who may be injured, missing in Mountain or otherwise in need of assistance. This is done on behalf of and in conjunction with the related organization such as Government & Non Government organization of Nepal.
The team with 22 members and other trained rescuers carries out the actual field work or involve in many Rescues & Search Operation. There are specific personal criteria for Team Membership, as well as the necessary availability for callouts and commitment to regular Mountain Rescue Training. Our past callouts have involved crashed Aircraft, High Mountain Rescue & Search Operation. Beside NMIA Mountain Rescue Squad Team receives no Federal and State funding Support. The team relies upon the Generous Contributions of the Community & Organization to fulfill its’ Mission of saving lives through Rescue and Mountain safety Education. We’d like to thank all of the Individuals, Organization that have contributed over the years and offer a special acknowledgement to our Association.
The above-mentioned activities are subject to change, according to circumstances.

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