Basic Mountain Navigation & Hill Walking Training

Basic Mountain Navigation & Hill Walking Training

There is no doubt that Mountaineering and Trek around country can become threatening when you find yourself out in bad weather, white out condition, when the thick mist rolls in, when you walk up into the cloud or when the footpath track suddenly disappears, to find out specific location and mountains, A map reading or mountain navigation training could be the answer to this kind of situations

. Duration:Three days


Activities: -

1. Map scale and legend reading

2. Map setting

3. Understanding contours

4. Recognizing land features

5. Measuring map distance

6. Using a compass

7. Point of standing on the map

We hope that this training will give essential skills necessary to get the most out of map and compass.

Affiliated with

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (NATHM)Yves Pollet Villard Fondation of FranceEmbassy of French RepublicNepal Mountaineering AssociationGendarmerie of FranceIFREMMONT of FranceNepal National Mountaineering Guide Association (NNMGA)