Rock Climbing Level -1 Training

Rock Climbing  Level -1 Training

Venue: Kathmandu Valley  and Bimalnagar, Tanahau, Nepal

Number of Participants: 20

Learning Objectives

Enjoyment, team work, communication

Encouragement and support, mutual respect

listening skills, carrying out instructions, risk awareness

Personal safety, awareness and consideration of others

Environmental awareness, personal preparation

Increased self esteem and confidence, exercise and awareness of physiology

Problem solving, safety awareness, responsibility for own and others’ safety

Shared experience, care of equipment, geographical awareness

Willingness to try, learn about wildlife and the natural environment

New skills, new hobbies, personal development, sense of achievement.

Importance of Rock Level-1 climbing Training

Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association -NMIA has been conducting Rock Level-1 training since long time to produce quality rock climber’s in Nepal. The NMIA annual training was started from 2nd February to 16 February in Kathmandu and Bimalnagar at Tanahau District, Nepal.

During training the participants and instructors completed Knot’s Racking, Climbing communication, Lead climbing , Climbing and rappeling with twine rope, release stuck client during twine rope climbing , practical introduction to opening new route with drill machine etc.

Although conducting this kind of course is quite expensive financially, even so there is high demand of this kind of training in tourism industry. According to the previous incidents records, we definitely need to set up the qualified National responsible Rescue team as soon as possible with affiliation of related Government and non-government organization.

Affiliated with

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (NATHM)Yves Pollet Villard Fondation of FranceEmbassy of French RepublicNepal Mountaineering AssociationGendarmerie of FranceIFREMMONT of FranceNepal National Mountaineering Guide Association (NNMGA)