Introductory Rock Climbing Course

Introductory Rock Climbing Course

An ideal starting point for those with little or no prior experience of rock climbing. This course aims to get you climbing confidently & safely while teaching the essential skills of rope work and belaying.

Learning Objectives: uses of climbing devices, rope works, knots, tying to different type of harnesses, basic belay system, holding falls, lowering & rappelling, route selection and guide book use, communication, risk factor, movement coaching and climbing
Duration: – Seven days
Venue: – Kathmandu
Activities: -
1. Introduction about climbing gear
2. Rope work and knot practice
3. Use of climbing device
4. Climbing call
5. Safety method
6. Rock climbing technique
7. Belay system at all surface
8. Anchor set up both artificial and natural
9. Top rope climbing system

Affiliated with

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (NATHM)Yves Pollet Villard Fondation of FranceEmbassy of French RepublicNepal Mountaineering AssociationGendarmerie of FranceIFREMMONT of FranceNepal National Mountaineering Guide Association (NNMGA)